Baby Luna Whitepaper

Tokenomics Rationale

Although $LUNC is at an all-time-low, the rationale behind $WBNB and $LUNC reflections rewards is a contrarian approach that has the potential to produce huge gains in the mid to long term. If $LUNC were to go from its current marketcap, back near its all-time high marketcap, $babyLUNA holders would get 1,000x the $babyLUNA rewards. Baby Luna is a hyper-deflationary token that benefits you with tangible rewards. Tokenomics that simply reward itself within its self-same reflections become useless in scenarios where volume and market-cap are less than desirable: inherently damaging the project. Simply hold Baby Luna, and every 60 minutes you will receive reflections in both $WBNB and $LUNC. These assets will then increase in value and can even be staked for additional passive income. We tried catering the best to the #LUNAtic community by providing great reflections, hourly auto compounding, passive income in stable platforms, and a gateway into two great projects, one which has the potential to 3x-5x (BNB) and the other which the potential to 10,000x (LUNA).