Baby Luna Whitepaper

Governance & Voting

As a $babyLUNA token holder, you are part of the Baby Luna governance system. We'll be setting up a council for Baby Luna holders, who will be able to submit, vote on, and help fund solutions. The solutions with the most votes will be implemented, and the council will be rewarded in $babyLUNA. This will create a self-sustaining system in which the best solutions are funded and implemented, and those who help fund and submit solutions are rewarded. Voting will require $babyLUNA tokens and will be weighted based on the amount of $babyLUNA a voter has.
We see a pathway to a brighter future and our team is dedicated to creating a system that is fair, transparent, and efficient. Power to create change should be in the hands of the people, and our governance system is designed to do just that.

BabyLuna Governance Proposals (BGPs)

BGPs, are proposals that are put forth to suggest possible protocol innovations. All $babyLUNA holders will have the ability to vote on BGPs. When making a proposal users should include as much information as possible and give voters a list of pros and cons; but we still encourage everyone to take part in governance discussions on our social platforms. We're excited to see the amazing innovations that our community comes up with!