Baby Luna Whitepaper


Security is paramount in DeFi, where a large amount of trust must be placed on properly coded smart contracts and on other safety measures.
While we're waiting for external audits by 3rd parties, internal audits by our experienced team and consultants have been conducted. So far no issue has been found in the token smart contract. If you have any questions regarding our smart contracts, please reach out to the team over Telegram.
InterFi Audit: In Progress
TechRate Audit: Coming Soon
Certik Audit [FINAL]: Coming Soon

Security Assurance

Security is always a priority. That's why we want to be as transparent as possible, for your own safety. Check out our safety features & mechanisms:
  • Multi-Signature Wallet Usage
  • Locked Liquidity
  • Deep, Fluid Liquidity
  • Even & Fair Wallet Distribution
  • No Malicious Contract Functions
  • Anti-Bot & Sniper Mechanics
  • Anti Manipulation
  • Rug Screen Passed
  • Token Sniffer Passed
  • Internally Audited